Mountain Lakes Home Composter Sale!

In honor of Earth Day the Mountain Lakes Green Team is excited to be able to sponsor a compost bins sale at 50% off retail prices & they come with a FREE kitchen pail. Order yours today, this online offer ends April 25th! Composters will be available for pick up on Saturday April 29th in front of the recycling center. Contact Marnie Vyff with any questions:

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Why Compost?

Organic waste comprises 30 percent of the household trash going into landfills and incinerators, where it has no chance to decompose and offers very little BTU value. Homeowners who compost not only extend the life of our landfills and reduce the cost of collecting household garbage, but also recycle the nutrients in organic waste to create a valuable soil amendment for their gardens.


Your order will be ready for pick-up on April 29th in front of the recycling center located at 55 Pocono Road, Mountain Lakes

55 Pocono Road Mountain Lakes, NJ 

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Saturday April 29th

9:00 AM — 2:00 PM

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